We supply Pizza Delivery Scooters direct to you at competitive prices

We offer an extensive range of high-quality stylish Pizza Scooter designs in eye-catching colours. From 50cc scooters to 125cc scooters, there’s bound to be a scooter to get you wondering off down the road!

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Better Gas Mileage Ratio & Fuel Efficacy

Gas Mileage is better for a Pizza Delivery Scooter which also helps with overhead during low sales months. The fuel efficacy is 130 miles per gallon, which means less emissions.

Major Flexibility & Low Purchase Price

Pizza Delivery Scooters make for easy access to hard to locations with minimal parking such as schools, campuses , hotels and industrial parks. We supply our scooters direct from the factory, cutting out the middleman to get you a better price!

Electric Cars

Electric Cars provide a great way to save on gas money. They are perfect for sightseeing as they can be parked anywhere and take you absolutely anywhere you want it to. Whether you wish to travel on the highway or side street, they can run up to 60 miles before losing any charge.

Integral Solutions

We manufacture products to go along with your transportation and Pizza Delivery needs. From custom branded jackets to helmets, we have everything to complete your equipment.

"The 49cc Scooters that we bought from Tech Delivery Solutions have been outstanding to say the least. We used to deliver our pizza and pasta through the outsourcing of drivers and cars. We couldn't believe when we noticed a big drop in the costs by using scooters. They also made some custom gear for us, so now people in Summerlin actually know about our Pizzeria. Thanks TDS for the great solution you provided!" - Tom M. from Las Vegas.