• 49cc Scooters

    In most states, you do not need a full motorbike licence to ride a 49cc scooter, which is why they are the perfect alternative for delivering food while reducing gas costs. The age for being able to ride a 49cc scooter or moped is also less than that necessary for being able to apply for a motorbike or car licence, which allows your company to hire students and implement an hourly employment model.


    Appearance Dimensions: 1775×740×1100 mm
    Net Weight: 85 Kgs
    Max Load: 160 Kgs
    Max Speed: 45 Km/h
    Displacement: 49.6 ml
    Max Power: 2.30Kw/ 7500r/min
    Max Torquel: 3.01N.m/ 5000r/min
    Wheelbase: 1255 mm
    Tire Size: F:3.50-10, R:3.50-10
    Brake Mode: Disc/Drum
    Brake Operation: F: Hand, R: Hand
    CBU (2 Layers): 40″ HQ – 1900×580×1240 mm 50pcs
    CBU (2 Layers) with big rear case: 40″ HQ –
    1900×580×1240 mm 38pcs, big case, single packing.

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