Our 49cc Scooters provides innovative design that allow for convenient storage and easy transport. They feature easy to use, state-of-the-art controls to make operation smooth and worry free. Our scooters are designed to be a visually striking as they are high performing.

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    49cc Scooters

    In most states, you do not need a full motorbike licence to ride a 49cc scooter, which is why they are the perfect alternative for delivering food while reducing gas costs. The age for being able to ride a 49cc scooter or moped is also less than that necessary for being able to apply for a [...]

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    125cc Scooter

    The 125cc Scooter has a reserve of power and performance that propels you to a top speed of 65 mph and squeezes up to 100 miles from every gallon of fuel you pour in it. Commute on a 125cc Scooter, the cheaper alternative to running the second car! Specifications Appearance Dimensions: 1833×710×1115 mm Net Weight: 103 [...]