• Electric Cars

    Electric cars produce no tailpipe emissions, reduce our dependency on oil, and are cheaper to operate. Of course, the process of producing the electricity moves the emissions further upstream to the utility company’s smokestack—but even dirty electricity used in electric cars usually reduces our collective carbon footprint.


    Capacity: 4 passengers

    Drive type: Front Wheel Drive

    Maximum Grading: 30%

    Basic Power Specifications: 72V AGM system

    Motor type: 3 phase AC motor

    Norminal power: 6 Kw

    Peak power: 24 Kw

    Norminal torque: 19 N.m

    Maximum torque: 76 N.m

    Rated RPM: 3000

    Maximum RPM: 5800

    Motor controller: DSP inverter control system

    Body, steering and brake

    Exterior colors as you like

    Interior colors available: light gray

    Manual/automatic transmission available

    Electric power steering system

    Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes

    165/65R13 tire with aluminum alloy wheel rim

    Speed and driving range

    Maximum speed: 100Km/h

    Maximum driving range: 180km

    Battery specifications: 144 Volt 150Ah AGM battery maintenance free

    Total battery weight: 600lbs/270kg

    Battery quantity in total: 6pcs

    Charger: 110V/220V automatic charger

    Charger type: on-board

    Charging time: 6-8 hours

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